Cliff Orman's PDR (Pies de Résistance)

Decoupling Feet for Electronics, Turntables and Loudspeakers

The  Pies de Résistance (pronounced: Pièce de Résistance) is possibly Cliff Orman's finest design.

We thought it would be quite appropriate to give them this title.

The Pies de Résistance are the result of investigation in to how different shapes, proportions and materials affect sound quality.

To sum up the story; the results are stunning. Everywhere we've tried them the gain in quality has to be heard to be believed!

The Pies de Résistance are machined from  the finest quality Zebrawood and Krion.

The 10mm cones are machined as part of the base. they are not stuck on.

The Zebrawood incorporates an internally machined labyrinth that is injected with elastomer for correct energy control and dissipation.

Maximum permissible weight: 50Kg. per foot.


Manufacturer: Vibex